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NBC 9.4.14

Sep 4, 2014|

Neal Boortz's daily commentary.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well there are some things I miss about doing a daily talk show at the top of the list Belinda. And Christina on that list are -- -- smokers. Oh I raise that to an art form not the more fund and going on the year. And -- ring mean smokers. I mean these people if somebody told it was cool it would make them look but sure. If they start poison tipped arrows in their their eyes they would probably do what the cars. You have got a look cool. Well I ran into some statistics on smoking and in columns success in life I thought I'd run by you. These statistics cover a lot of things in pro -- how old you expect to be when you die and do you smoked. Looked at the top 17% people earning about 134000. Dollars a year. 10% of the people in this -- smoke they think they're going to live to be 87 the top 22%. Earnings 77000. Dollars a year. On the average 15% smoked -- -- -- live to 85. Take households earning between thirty and 60000 dollars a year 20% of them smoked. They think they're gonna die at the age 83 that are wrong it'll be earlier. Then we have those that earn less than 29000. Dollars a year 28%. Of them smoked. They think they're going to be dead by 79. Probably earlier than that. The correlation all the higher yearly income group. The less likely it is that you're a smoker makes perfect sense it takes intelligence. To earn -- high and come unless you are. An entertainer but then that's another matter so lied about smoke them if you've got to look forward to low income and this is Neal Boortz.

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