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NBC 8.14.14

Aug 14, 2014|

Neal Boortz's daily commentary.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well as you may or you may not know in you might want a run for the hills or make arrangements to be out of town the but I will be doing Herman cain's radio show. Next Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday and I'm so unaccustomed to this that already. I am starting to do show for a all of this while I'm trying to get the Boortz -- position down there. So will be ready to go down there oh yeah I'm I'm doing the shows from the Disney radio studios at Walt Disney World. Because I care. So. Here's one story I thought we talk about next week I know ladies you will look forward to this one. Jessica -- A columnist for the very left wing guardian in Great Britain. Has decided. To go Sandra Fluke one better Sandra Fluke. I'm not at Notre Dame the other way seems to -- that all women should get. Free contraceptives. But Jessica Valenti. Says. That women should get free tampons. Yes she says that. The cost of a product that half the world's population needs multiple times -- -- Everybody for approximately thirty years is simply too much. Who -- term bonds are too expensive. But wait it gets better it always does with the Rockies. It's a human rights issue. She says that the United Nations and Human Rights Watch have both linked. Menstrual hygiene to human rights not only sugar tampons to be free. But you have a right to them government issued tampons got a lot of what's next well give us something. To discuss. One day next week and this is Neal Boortz.

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