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NBC 4.25.14

Apr 25, 2014|

Neal Boortz's daily commentary.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Earlier this week I had a few things to say about gun control you know. Former New York Mayor Bloomberg who has pledged fifty. Billion dollars. In new gun control efforts. But I'd just scratched the surface. A little bit I did mention in passing. Want to speak the idea of people owning guns. Well remembered the Democrat national convention. The government is the only thing we all belong to you belong to the government. It is the government's job to protect you and the very -- of a firearm for self defense. If you're statement that no I don't belong divert government -- belong to me. -- family belongs to us and we will defend ourselves liberals -- -- hate. The idea of individuals defending themselves but I also in this debate want you to consider their basic. Dishonesty. Of the media the gun show loophole before how many -- you actually believe. That the rules when you buy a gun at a gun show are different than when you buy it -- quarter. Well you're wrong they are -- -- only disdain. There is no difference in the requirement for background checks registration everything. At a Garden Show and their power. Any where else in the state. But the Democrats keep pushing this gun show loophole. It does not exist. And then when they cite statistics to you about house album Doran is used for self defense note this. They'll be a gun being used for self defense if you pull the trigger. If the presence of that -- release scare somebody away. That doesn't. Think about these things spokes. Being around in this is Neal Boortz.

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