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NBC 3.10.14

Mar 10, 2014|

Neal Boortz's daily commentary.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Will -- -- post has been on the road for a while Obama going to bore you with some of the technical logical marvels that exist on these. New -- coaches but I ain't gonna talk for a second about direct TV. We have a tracking satellite on the roof. That means that through the torched in terms of the highway this satellite. Stories on target. And we and picked up television inside the coach know it does go haywire and a bottle or something but that's another issue. What I do wanna talk about is the wonderful. Program -- on direct TV this stuff isn't cheap. But I have the guide drawn up right now. On my TV set and probably let me tell you about some of the wonderful programs. That we can Politico. There's ice and cleaning and and another one called clean floors we have affordable. Jewelry luxuries. The best of -- HQ. Total -- for 1495. -- on channel seven before channels 75. Under ten dollars. Then we have -- lead designer clearance. Free magic bullet. Tony Horton is back with P&O X three. That we have huge -- -- savings from rocks TV. T 25 sexy bodies that it's on channel 81. Let's see the world's best blender. -- the desserts. In seconds. Brazil. Lift airbrushed beauty Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem. Joint pain relief in just seven days. All of these wonderful channels on DirecTV. And yup we're William forum. In the says Neal Boortz.

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