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  1. Wall Street Journal This Morning

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    Eyeing wider action against Islamic Militants


    U.S. eyes wider action on Islamic Militants, National Guard is being pulled out of Ferguson, Missouri and clothes for the yoga poseurs.

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  2. Steve and Ted in the Morning

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    Steve & Ted in the Morning 08/22/14 Hr 3


    The Final 2014 Kansas City Chief Training Camp Update With Mitch Holthus

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  3. Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind

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    8/21/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind


    Mark talks about the growing terrorist threat we are facing from ISIS and says that our President needs to start protecting us and bringing the fight to them

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  4. John Batchelor Show

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    Thurs 8/21/14 Hr 4 - Michael Balter. Luke Malone. Robert D. Kaplan, author, Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific.


    Michael Balter. Luke Malone.  Robert D. Kaplan , author,  Asia's Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific .

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  5. Neal Boortz Show

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    NBC 8.22.14


    Neal Boortz's daily commentary.

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  6. The Good Life

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    The Good Life with Guy Bower 08/16/14


    LIVE from All Things BBQ. It's all about Yoder Smokers and more. Also have a great wine of the week; Hedges Red Mountain Blend...the flagship of Hedges Family Estates. Deborah Culverhouse joins the show to discuss that.

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  7. The Gene Countryman Show

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    The Gene Countryman Show 08/17/14


    Gene opens with Frank Miniter to talk about his new book, “Future of the Guns.” Next, Sedgwick County Treasurer Linda Kizzire joins the show to talk about the publication in the Wichita Eagle of those who haven’t paid their property taxes. The second hour, John Batchelor calls in to discuss national topics.

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  8. Issues Program

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    Issues 2014 8/24/14


    Kansas State Fair General Manager discusses this year's Fair in Hutchinson, Sept. 5 to 14

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  1. Sports

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    The Todd Butler Show 05/26/14


    The Todd Butler Show 05/26/14

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  1. Steve & Ted in the Morning 9/29/11

    Ark City Police Arrest Former Teacher

    olive oil found at 1:13

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